She is Loved {Tribute}: Krista


My mom Krista has been the most important part of my life since the day I was born. My earliest memories of my mom are filled with joy, laughter, and tears. Tears of beautiful mother-daughter moments and tears of absolute sadness. When I was 6 my mother was diagnosed with stomach cancer. I watched her battle through the whole thing. Even as a young girl I was amazed at how a woman who was going through such hell still managed to make it to every school function. She still helped create awesome science projects for my brother and I.

After beating the cancer she still had to battle more demons. Years later she was diagnosed with a heart condition that led to 3 heart surgeries. She never slowed down once.

Then suddenly in 2009 everything changed. My best friend, my brother’s hero and the love of her life suddenly died. Losing my father was devastating and I wasn’t sure how my mom was going to make it. I realized I needed to be her rock. It’s been 6 years since we lost him and everyday my mom continues to show such grace and strength. She finds new love in her grandchildren and embraces her family.

As a mother myself now, I fully understand the love a parent has for a child. A mother puts her children’s needs and wants before her own every time. I hope one day my children realize the love I have for them. It truly comes from the love my mother has always shown and continues to give me. She is the true meaning of a survivor and is the best mother and friend I could ever ask for.

Mom, you are so loved.

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